Powering collaboration

The most popular self-hosted collaboration solution for tens of millions of users at thousands of organizations across the globe

Deploy immediately

Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks.

As fully on-premises solution, Nextcloud provides the benefits of online collaboration without the compliance and security risks.

Handles millions of users

Nextcloud Global Scale delivers a true globally scalable solution for deployments with hundreds of millions of users, giving unprecedented control over the locality of data and delivering dramatic cost reduction

Secures your data

While data needs to be at users’ finger tips at any time, the IT department must to be able to ensure policies around protection of intellectual property, legal requirements and privacy are respected.

Cloud by NextCloud

Starting at 10Gb of Storage
Protected by SSL
Upgrade or Downgrade at any time
Create a sharing group
Desktop App
Android App
IPhone App
Starting from
2.09 € Monthly

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Nextcloud GDPR/HIPAA/… compliant?

Self-hosting is the quickest and easiest way to legal compliance with a wide variety of regulations. By keeping data on our servers, there is no need for contracts with other companies or complicated audit processes.

Nextcloud is open source, what is behind your prices?

Despite Nextcloud being opensource and we provide it for free, you still have to pay for the storage you use.

Can I edit office files on Nextcloud?

Yes. Our Nextcloud instance has already installed OnlyOffice.
OnlyOffice is a free office and collaborative application that allows you to edit office files directly on your web browser or on you Nextcloud client app of your smartphone.

Can I sync data between all my devices?

Yes. You can download PC/Mac app directly from Nextcloud website and you can install the phone client app directly from play store or apple store.

Is all data encrypted?

Yes. Everything is encrypted by SSL. Starting from the website where you access the interface till the files saved on the disk.

If you loose your password, we can not recover any file stored on your profile