Anti-DDoS Protection Features

  Anti-DDoS S Anti-DDoS M Anti-DDoS L Anti-DDoS XL
IP addresses (rented) 1 1 1 1
BGP support

(possibility to announce own IP addresses)

Protection from L3-L5 attacks
Protection from L7 attacks


Included legitimate bandwidth 100 Mbit/s 250 Mbit/s 500 Mbit/s 1 Gbit/s
Guaranteed availability (SLA) 99% 99% 99% 99%
Legitimate traffic volume Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support availability 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs our service?

Our Anti-DDoS protection service benefits ISPs, hosting service providers, data centers, as well as corporate clients operating their own IT systems. The service will help ensure the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure and network, and efficiently protect your organization from DDoS attacks.

Internet Service Providers can also benefit from the service by offering it as a value-added option to their customers for free, or as a compelling bonus. Our service is particularly beneficial for ISP’s as an investment and insurance policy.

Why do you need network protection?

DDoS is a widely used, unfair competition tool. The strength, complexity, efficiency, and frequency of DDoS attacks increase yearly at an incredible rate, while the cost for generating such attacks diminishes. The monetary damage caused by a DDoS attack can be very detrimental. Companies can lose thousands of dollars during downtime and if a site is used for e-commerce or online services, the amount can increase exponentially. In addition, even a less powerful attack can result in losing hundreds and thousands of customers.

What are the benefits of your service over other solutions?

  • No limits: you only pay for legitimate traffic and do NOT pay for the number of attacks.
  • Flexible price policy: a set of services starting at 100 Mbps (for small networks), with the ability to increase the bandwidth at any time.
  • Free DDoS sensor. Set up an automated protection service, enabling it only during an actual attack.
  • Protected DNS servers: unlike other solutions, we offer protection for your DNS servers.
  • Retain the full functionality of your IP stack under attack, without any downtime: when attacked, the client will experience no delays in Web browsing, messengers, online games, etc.
  • Setup assistance: contact our experts to access your systems remotely and set up a connection for you, free of charge.

Connecting to Anti-DDoS protection service

The service could be accessed by a customer via an IPIP/GRE tunnel.

The connection procedure is as follows:

  1. We establish a IPIP/GRE tunnel connection with you.
  2. We establish a BGP session for which you announce the necessary IP prefixes.
  3. We accept your announcements, filter all the traffic and send it to you, cleared of attacks.

DDoS protection options for BGP connection

You can use the BGP based DDoS Network Protection service with one of the three options:

  1. Enable the persistent (Always-ON) protection and run all incoming traffic through the filters. With this option your networks remain constantly protected, so a DDoS attack will never take you by surprise with AlwaysOn, the flexibility to manage incoming traffic is limited.
  2. Connect the protection service, although instead of announcing all your networks, do it for those only that you believe should be protected at a certain point in time. For example, if you are expecting an attack to target you or an attack is already underway, you can manually announce the network to the service (while ceasing to announce it for other service providers).

Will the latency increase?

Only inbound traffic is passed through DDoS Protection filters, while the outgoing traffic route stays unchanged. The latency may increase, as the traffic will pass through filtering points located in data centers with multiple connections to popular CDN networks.